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-Mary Kay Ash

Sunday 23 February 2014

Journeying Upwards

The competition season has been busy in Alberta. With a competition almost every weekend, it is evident it is getting closer and closer to the height of competition season. Which means Regionals and Nationals are right around the corner!

The past month has been quite the whirlwind, between training, competitions and final exams and I have finally found some time to share my latest blog post, which is exciting.... I have so much to talk about. For this post I want to mainly focus on two important competitions that just recently took place. Bouldering provincials in Calgary and my two favorite lead competitions in Edmonton this past weekend.

On my way to sending open female final #2-Creds: Sara Frangos

Going into bouldering provincials this year I was pretty psyched. After surprising myself and making open finals at every bouldering competition this season I was ready to give it my all. I really used to dislike bouldering competitions, last year i kept getting shut down at every competition. Maybe it was self doubt or just getting too frustrated at the seemingly impossible problems but either way, something changed this year and I think I have a pretty good idea of what that is. Ever since I first started competing I have looked up to local climbers such as Stacey and Vikki Weldon and many of the other strong Calgary adult bouldering team. When I got the chance to compete with many of them last year I felt intimidated, how will I ever be as good as them I asked myself. But after the first bouldering comp this year I realized I was not that far from the top adult competitors. Their dedication and drive to train and win the competitions only made me stronger and more motivated to try and catch up. So when bouldering provincials arrived this year, I knew I would just go out, have fun, give it my all and see what happens. It ended up feeling like I climbed the best I ever had in finals at that competition, despite the jump start on problem #3. Haha at least I know what I need to work on :)

Check out this video from Bouldering Provincial Finals!

After bouldering provincials we had a week of rest then it was off to Edmonton for the two rope competitions at Vertically Inclined and Rock Jungle Fitness. These are two of my favorite rope competitions of the season, I'm not exactly sure why but I think it is just the fun vibe both comps give off and all the super motivated competitors that attend them. For the first time in a while (at a lead comp) I felt like I climbed confidently and I just had fun. After all, like my coach Sonnie Trotter says, "if ya screw up there is always another competition!" That is what I kept in mind last weekend and what I will keep in mind as I journey upwards towards the National Championships.

Quali #1 RJF- Creds: Pam Eveleigh

As for my busy upcoming schedule I have two rope competitions this coming weekend in Banff and at our home gym in Canmore. Then I'm off to Edmonton the next weekend for Tour De Bloc open bouldering Regionals, should be a blast! Lastly a HUGE thank you to Flashed, my parents, coaches and friends for all your support :)

Happy Climbing,

Becca :)

Team Trotter (Canmore Climbing Team) representing Five Ten- Creds:Monika Helbig

My Results
2nd Place 16-17 Female Bouldering Provincials and Overall Provincially
2nd Place Open Female Bouldering Provincials and Overall Provincially
1st Place 16-17 Female Verticaly Inclined
1st Place 16-17 Female Rock Jungle Fitness
2nd Place so far for Lead open Female

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