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-Mary Kay Ash

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Road Trippin'

I think it would be an understatement for me to say that the past two weeks have been quite full on. From two back to back lead competitions in Edmonton to Victoria and Abbotsford to climb some more, it has definitely been all climbing all the time, which is awesome!

Two weeks ago my family and I hopped in the car and drove the long, uneventful road to Edmonton for the first two lead competitions of the year. I got to admit I was pretty psyched; I could barely contain myself for the four hour car ride. February 16th was the first day of competition at Vertically Inclined Rock Gym. I climbed two really cool "flash format" routes that were both on overhangs and roofs..my favourite.
Qualifier #1. at Vertically Inclined 

Photo Creds Kevin Segedi

Photo Creds: Kevin Segedi

The next morning was the day of competition at the new hip gym, Rock Jungle Fitness. This time it was two "onsight" format routes. My first route was quite easy, it had lots of big holds and most of the girls in my category got to the top with no difficulty whatsoever. Because of this, I knew that the route setters would put us on something much harder for our next route. Something that would separate our category. So I knew that I would need to step up my game for the next route and leave everything on the wall if I wanted to get the high point.

When we went out to preview our second route, we stopped at the very far right of the wall where the 16-17 boys category had their first qualifier route. At that moment I was so stoked because most of the boys had fallen on the last few moves of the route so I knew it would be difficult; a challenge is something I am always up for.

As a sat waiting in the on-deck chair before going to climb my route, I had a deep pit growing in my stomach. I could hear the crowd cheering for my sister, who was climbing the route just one person before me and my mind started racing as to where she was on the route. But just like my old coach Dung says, control what you can control. So I did; I stuck my headphones on and blasted ke$ha, Tic Tok (my pre-comp song) to full volume and slowly started getting into my element.

Then it was finally my turn to go. I climbed to the third draw fairly calmly and collected, and completed an awkward crossover to a pinch then a bump with my right hand to a gaston. When I did that, the crowd started cheering super loud which I was not expecting since I was not even half way up the route. I continued for about fifteen more moves and pulled through one huge lock off to an under-cling and two big jumps before reaching the final two moves. I remember being so motivated just being so close to the top. I gave it everything I had, and completed the two final moves clipping the anchors with a sigh of relief.

Photo Creds: Kevin Segedi

Pushing through the last two moves on my second qualifier
Photo Creds: Kevin Segedi

Stretching to reach the under cling on my second qualifier at RJF
Photo Creds: Kevin Segedi

I ended up winning both competitions in Edmonton and my fellow teammate Amy Sutley and my sister Sara came a close second and third on the first day. Jen Slater and Sara ended up second and third at Rock Jungle. Also congrats to everyone who competed; you guys crush!!!

Just a few hours after the comps in Edmonton had come to an end I was on my way again but this time to Victoria and Abbotsford. My mom, Sara and I spent four days in Victoria. On two of the days Sara and I trained with the amazing Boulderz team on the 45ft walls which was great given that Nationals will be there in May. Then we headed to the Tour De Bloc bouldering competition in Abbotsford. I had so much fun!! The routes were all so amazing and I got to see some of my friends from B.C!

On the Way To Victoria!!!

Next up on my schedule is the Provincial Championships in Calgary on March 16th then on to Red Rocks for spring break!

Stay tuned,

Becca :p

P.S I would like to thank my two amazing sponsors my mom and dad for all your support and all the amazing photos on this post were taken by Kevin Segedi @ Segedi.com! Make sure you all check out his website.

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