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Thursday 4 April 2013

Spring Break-Red Rocks 2013

Hello Everyone!

It has been just about a month since I last posted, and oh man do I have a lot to share! 

I spent my first week of my spring break in Red Rocks Nevada, which I was super stoked about. This year was my third year in a row going to Las Vegas for climbing and it is always really interesting comparing my previous years in Red Rocks and getting back on some unfinished projects.

One of Red Rocks Classics-The Gift 5.12D Photo Creds:Dung Nguyen

 My family and I headed to Las Vegas with some kids from our team,  some of the Edmonton team and our coach for the week Dung Nguyen (Yoda). The focus of Red Rocks this year was volume on easy climbs and also a few days of hard projecting on the last few days of the trip. I would have to say that my favorite climbing area that we visited is the Tsunami Wall at the second pullout. I think it was my favorite because all the routes were short, powerful, steep and crimpy which is my strong suit. Another plus was that our group had the whole wall to ourselves for the most part because the easiest route is 5.12A so not very many people could climb there.

The Gang! Photo Creds: Steve Frangos
The Parents

For me this year in Red Rocks was definitely a turning point in my climbing career. I sent my first 5.13A, S.O.S which was super inspirational for me and I also sent seven 12's throughout the week  and I flashed a 5.12C called New Wave Hookers. Other than me being very happy on how my climbing is going, my mental state is also right up there too so I am stoked on life!!!

Working the crux on Pet Shop Boy 5.12D Photo Creds: Sara Frangos

Sun Tanning at the Tsunami wall with Kris

As far as an youth competition update, Alberta just had their youth provincials and everyone crushed and I had so much fun. Also Regionals is in three weeks in Calgary which is super exciting. As well TDB Bouldering Nationals are in Edmonton this weekend so good luck to everyone competing.

Right now I am back in Canmore just hanging out and climbing at the new multiplex facility which by the way is amazing! Then it is back to normal life for me when I head back to school on Monday. I wish spring break was longer. The whole Red Rocks trip this year really showed me that my training has payed off and that if you set your mind to something anything is possible!

Happy Climbing,


The Fam Jam

My Little friend

Fear This Sport 5.12B Photo Creds: Sara Frangos

Just Hanging Out...Literally Photo Creds: Monika Helbig

Ali and I getting stoked on life Photo creds: Ali Funk

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