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-Mary Kay Ash

Thursday 29 August 2013

Summer Update

Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of summer!

Over the past few months I have had the amazing opportunity to climb/train with some very talented people. I got to train with Sonnie Trotter and Stacey Weldon for a few weeks which was such a great learning experience; they are so inspiring and have so much knowledge to offer. I also participated in an amazing week long outdoor training camp with National Team coach Dung Nguyen, which consisted of a week of outdoor climbing at some of the Bow Valley's best crags including Acephale, Heart Creek, Carrot Creek and Grassi Lakes! I sent my second 5.13A of the season called "Hecubus" and I am currently working on "The Hood" 5.13b at Acephale. I have only gotten on the route about seven times but I am so close!

Cold day up at Acephale
After the week of outdoor climbing in Canmore my family and I drove to Victoria to drop my sister Sara off with the National Team. While Sara was in Victoria the week before Worlds, I went to Horne Lake for four days. I got on "Jesus Save The Pushers" a super cool 15 bolt 5.13A that follows the steepest part of the cave. Unfortunately I did not send the route or any other route for that matter, my body and my mind were definitely exhausted from two weeks of climbing everyday.

 As for the competition part of the summer, I cheered on my sister and the rest of team Canada at the World Youth Climbing Championships. This year the competition went really well for the Canadians. We had ten athletes advance to the semi-final round in difficulty and we had a few speed athletes who set personal best times! I am especially super proud of  my sister who came 30th in lead at her first Worlds!

Spending my summer training, outdoor climbing and watching worlds has really reminded me of how much I love climbing and how much better I preform when I'm not thinking about outcomes. So - for this season at every competition I am just going to enjoy myself and climb my best without thinking about the end result. As a wise man (Dung Nguyen) once said train, climb and wait for results!

Still one more week left before school starts again so climbing in Skaha for the next few days...should be a blast! Stay tuned for another post to come in early September :)

Until next time,


Opening Ceremonies at the WYCC

View from the bottom of the wall-Horne Lake

The finals routes are up and ready to be climbed at the WYCC

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